AmazeSocial: Connect with your world, simply and securely

Message, Call, Video Chat: Make your voice heard with this powerful messaging app that lets you connect with people all over the globe.

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AmazeSocial Features:


Message privately

Your privacy is our priority. With end-to-end encryption, you can be sure that your personal messages stay between you and who you send them to.


Encrypted backups

Keep your online backups private. Turn on encrypted backups to extend the security of end-to-end encryption to your messages saved in iCloud or Google Drive.


Last seen and online

Choose to be seen by only those you want. You can customize your privacy settings to choose who can see when you’re online, and when you last used AmazeSocial.


Voice Call or Video Call your friends and family

Life takes you places, but your people are a call away.

Wherever you go, you can say hi.

Have a face-to-face chat.

See your favorite people all at once.


Your groups on AmazeSocial

Bring the people closest to you together. From your family in Brazil to the local soccer club, create a group with everyone.


Say what you feel

Tell it like you mean it. Bring your full self into how you connect with friends.

Sometimes we need more than words to let someone know how we feel. You shouldn’t have to rely on spelling it out perfectly to get your message across.


Send stickers or GIFs: When you need more than text, get creative with stickers and GIFs.

Say more with reactions: Share your feelings by reacting with emojis instead of a message.

Share photos and videos: Capture important moments with our built-in camera. Edit and send quickly even if you’re on a slow connection.



Send voice messages

Sometimes your voice says it all. Record, listen to your recording, send your recoeding.


Share daily moments on status

Post messages, photos and videos on Status where they disappear after 24 hours. Personalize your posts by adding stickers, GIFs and more.